Mom Pregnant With Twins Hilariously Uses Huge Baby Bump To Scare Off Creepy Men At The Gym

Maria Smirnova, a fitness coach expecting twins, turns an everyday gym session into a viral moment by hilariously using her prominent baby bump to fend off flirtatious men.

This cheeky, straightforward tactic has amused thousands across social media.

TikTok sensation

Maria, who goes by “Masha’s Peaches” online, posted a funny clip on TikTok May 20, demonstrating her ingenious method. Her video quickly amassed nearly 3 million views. One user summed it up perfectly: “Nothing on planet Earth could have prepared me for that.”

In the now-famous video, Maria, a bodybuilding champion, stands with her back to the camera. A male voice breaks the silence: “Excuse me, miss, do you come here often?”

Maria, looking unimpressed, slowly turns to reveal her very pregnant belly. The man, taken aback, mutters, “Oh, okay then,” and retreats. 

Watch the full clip here


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The cheeky clip sparked a wave of laughter and admiration. Comments poured in: “Nothing on planet Earth could have prepared me for that,” one TikTok user exclaimed. Another added, “Wow, you carry so well. All the best to you and family xx.”

Someone else wrote, “Now I would NEEEVER have guessed.” A fellow admirer noted, “I wish I looked like that from the back during my pregnancy and I just have 1 baby haha.”

Another observer marveled, “I’m so in awe of your stamina. You’re carrying these babies like it’s no big deal! I’d be slumped on a couch like a beached whale,” to which Maria replied, “Girl, 99% of the time same.”

Another commenter shared a personal story: “This happened to me when I was 9 months. My big brother cussed that man out.” And a final cheer from a fan: “Holy guacamole. Go girl.”

Maria was stunned when she found out she was pregnant with twins

mashapeachesfit_ / Instagram

Even Maria can’t believe it. At her baby shower, she admitted, “I still couldn’t believe” she was having twins, according to The Sun.

mashapeachesfit_ / Instagram

Maria’s simple, yet brilliant strategy has not only warded off unwanted attention but has also won the hearts of many.

It’s a power move we can all get behind.

“I was not expecting that” — reactions pour in

The internet was delightfully surprised by the video’s twist ending. 

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