40 Employees Share The Most Ridiculous Things Banned By Their Horrible Bosses

We’ve all had that one boss who seems to have taken a crash course in creating the dumbest rules at work. Whether it’s banning basic necessities or enforcing laughably strict policies, these horrible bosses have a knack for turning the office into a minefield of ridiculousness.

Let’s dive into the bizarre world of things banned by horrible bosses, as shared by employees who have endured these questionable decisions. With bans on everything from bathroom breaks to sitting down, you’ll find yourself both amused and bewildered by these tales.

So, grab your favorite (hopefully not banned) snack and settle in for a hilarious ride through the most outlandish workplace bans ever encountered.

1. I Wasn’t Allowed To Use A Notebook At My Cashier Job

2. This Store That Doesn’t Allow Workers To Sit During Their Shift

3. This Workplace That Doesn’t Allow Crying On The Job

4. “You Are Not Allowed To Sit, This Is Not A Office Job.” The Last Order Was 90 Minutes Ago

5. “You Are Not Allowed To Sit, This Is Not A Office Job.” The Last Order Was 90 Minutes Ago

6. Amazon Is Inhumane

7. This USPS Mail Sorting Facility Where You Read And Enter Addresses All Day And Are Not Allowed To Speak

8. Is This Even Right?

9. Workplace Won’t Allow Use Of Mobility Device, What’s The Legality On This? (Rhode Island)

10. Recently Posted At Work

11. There’s No Way This Is Legal Right?

12. My Work Doesn’t Allow You To Use A Toilet As A Toilet

13. My BF’s Snapchat Memory From 2017 – Posted At His Old Job At A Grocery Store

14. So This Is The Sign Posted On The Bathroom Door At Work Today

15. I Work At A Dispensary Where We Are Not Allowed To Have Food/Drinks On The Floor. Thirsty? Wait Until Break. Which We Only Get Three Of In A Twelve Hour Shift

16. Because Sitting Is Such A Bad Thing When The Job Is Perfectly Capable Of Being Done While Sitting Down

17. My Job Has Been Lying About The Break Rules For The Year And A Half I’ve Been Here

18. No Water For Children. I Quit Today

19. Employees Need A Doctor’s Note To Eat At Work

20. How My Workplace (Fast-Food) Feels About It’s Employees Staying Hydrated

21. “F**k Our Employees, And The Customers Who Want To Support Them.” -Baskin Robins

22. Under New Management

23. What Are They Going To Do If I Don’t Follow Policy? Fire Me?

24. Is This Even Legal? Stopped At A Restaurant For Lunch And Saw This Sign In The Employee Area

25. My Old Employers Wife Who “Worked” There Made This After Finding A Needle Beside A Dumpster

26. Got This Gem

27. People Have Been Clocking In 10 Minutes Early For 20+ Years. Now We’re Not Allowed To Do That And If We Do, Our Pto Will Be Used. Everyone Is Now Going To Clock In At 7:04 Every Single Day. I Can’t Wait Till They Notices They’re Actually Getting Less Time From Employees By Implementing This

28. Management Didn’t Even Try To Hide This

29. Okay, Boss ?

30. Supermarket Chain In The UK Not Allowing Employees To Have Water Next To Them In A Heatwave

31. I’m So Done With This Petty, Asinine Bulls*it ?

32. Hung Up Next To Pto Calendar At New Job

33. Company Response To Union Fighting For Our Wages

34. While Some Complain Of Too Much Tipping, Some Are Canceling The Idea

35. You Cannot Be Serious

36. Top Rule Was Added Because A New Member Of Staff Who Couldn’t Afford To Buy Food Took Home A Portion Of The Food That Was Going To Be Thrown Out Anyways

37. My Stores’ Language Policy Of A “Diverse Work Environment”

38. Manager Just Posted This On The Facebook Group For My Work. We Work In A Very Hot Pub, And We’re Not Allowed The Soft Drinks ( The ‘Pepsi Or Anything’) On Tap. Yes, The Managers Help Themselves To Free Food And Drinks. I’ll Be Handing In My Notice After My Shift Tomorrow

39. You Are Not Allowed Basic Human Interaction On The Clock

40. This Is A Calendar Of The Weeks We’re Allowed To Take A Vacation For (In Green). In Orange Is Not Possible. Yellow Means “Maybe After We Talk About It, But Realistically? Probably Not”. 13 Weeks In Green. 39 To Bargain For Or To Forget

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