“There, Fixed It” — 40 Funny Times People Solved Problems With Hilariously Lazy Solutions

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But one could easily replace “necessity” with “laziness” — and I’ve got the proof right here.

The “There, Fixed It” Reddit page is dedicated to sharing hilariously lazy solutions to problems such as a leaky pipe or a dented bumper. And the MacGyver-esque “fixes” — if not entirely effective — are undeniably genius.

Keep going for some jury-rigged fixes from bonafide couch potato Edisons.

1. ixed. We’re Done Here

2. “Broken Button. Squeeze The Chicken To Request Stop.”

3. In Order To Open The Oven We Mounted The Drawer Handles In This Way. It’s Perfect!

4. Imagine If Achieving #worldpeace Can Be This Easy… 😐

5. Hubby Was Mad When I Dented My Car So I Fixed It. I Swear The Cement Pillar I Parked Next To Came Out Of Nowhere

6. My Local Dunkin Donuts Drive Through Speaker Broke. They’re Using A Baby Monitor Now

7. My Sis In Law Just Posted This. She Told My Brother, “Use Those DIY Books And Fix The Chair!” Done

8. Engineer Level Jury-Rigging

9. I Like To Consider Myself A Handyman. Gotta Do What You Gotta Do To Pass University Dorm Inspections

10. Someone Stole My Large Chainring And Bolts, So I Used An Acorn To Make It The Two Miles To The Train Station

11. A Bird Started A Nest On Top Of The Air Conditioner

12. Deactivated Esclator=stairs

13. Jumpstart

14. Took Care Of That Stump Boss

15. I Tried To Paint A Little Cardinal On This Snowy Fence But It Got Smeared. Thankfully I Was Able To Fix It

16. Sorry

17. Good Car Repair ?

18. Jury-Rigged Mixer

19. My Lamp Base Broke, But I’m A Woodworker

20. We Have The Technology. We Can Rebuild Him

21. Somebody At The Gym Threw A Medicine Ball Into The Drywall. They Fixed It By Putting A Vent Grate Over It

22. It’s Water That Falls Down From Up High Let’s Not Split Hairs Here

23. Boot Glue Didn’t Hold, So I’m Making It Through The Day This Way

24. A For Effort

25. So The Front Won’t Fall Off

26. You Can Fix Anything With Duct Tape

27. When You Own A Welder, Nothing Is Ever Really Broken

28. Toaster Oven Broke

29. Put The Signs On The Fuel Pumps, Boss!

30. There, I Fixed It

31. Defrosters Quit. Fixed It

32. Interesting Fix. (My Pic)

33. I Guess That Will Do

34. Fixed!

35. My Bowling Ally Got New Tvs, But Instead Of Getting New Mounts, They Just Screwed Them On To The Old Tvs

36. Locked The Gate; No One Can Get Into The Field Now

37. Dog Ate My “S” Key So I Converted A Key I Rarely Use And Promoted It

38. My Kid Lost The Head To One Of Her Dolls

39. Broken Window Resolution

40. It’s Safe Now

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