35 Funny Times “Yelp Drama” Shared Delusional Customers Leaving Hilarious Reviews

You won’t believe why some customers give one-star reviews.

Welcome to the world of Yelp Drama, where delusional customer reviews take center stage. These gems range from the absurdly picky to the outrageously entitled.

The r/YelpDrama subreddit features these delusional customers leaving hilarious reviews, and it’s a rollercoaster of laughter and disbelief.

These reviews are so over-the-top, you’ll be questioning if they’re even real. So enjoy the madness as we explore the wildest, most ridiculous complaints ever documented on Yelp.

1. I Called The Police On A Drunk Client In March And He Was Arrested For Dui

2. Can’t Wait To See You Never

3. #4 We Contacted Yelp And Got This One Removed But…


5. Tattoo Shop I Used To Like (Not My Review)

6. Lady Cant Tell Time

7. The Lightbulbs Are Listening

8. You Threw Up Into The Ice Cream

9. A Restaurant In My Neighborhood Had To Shut Off Their Phones Because Of A Wannabe Tiktok Influencer

10. Rachel Made Some Enemies

11. I Cried Laughing As I Read This

12. Karen Upset Because A Tornado Delayed Her Food


white and black buildings under blue sky during daytime

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14. Don’t Throw Parrots In Bars

15. Stank Water…solid Reply

16. Yum Yum Ramen

17. Stk Los Angeles Review Made Me Giggle


19. Review Of A Local Pizza Place

20. We Have Reviewed The Cameras

21. “If There Can’t Speak Are Language

22. Karen Is Pissed Off With The Servers

23. 0/10 Reminds Me Of My Ex

24. People Are Very Entitled

25. Do Not Tell Me How To Chicken Wrap


27. “But We’re Members…how Dare They Kick Us Out For Breaking The Law!”

28. When Your Wife Catches You Paying For Sex So You Blame It On The Local Mexican Restaurant..?

29. Rude Service!

30. “Started His ‘Recovery’ By Sleeping With My Wife”


32. Dry As An Old Man’s Ass

33. There Is No Curb Side Option For This Restaurant. Why Couldn’t The Lazy Customer Go In And Get It??

34. No More For You…fatty

35. I Always Think About This Costco Review


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