40 Funny Girlfriends And Wives Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out

Getting a relationship to work can be hard. But being able to laugh with your partner has to be one of the best ways to prevent your love life from crashing and burning.

These funny wives and girlfriends have mastered the art of making their partners laugh. Keep going and you’re liable to crack up as well. And who knows? You may even discover some new ways to make your own partner giggle.

1. Naps and basketball

2. Winning in relationships

3. Wife compared her husband’s bod to a Bugs Life character

4. Smartest Wife Ever! We Were Both Pooping On Opposite Sides Of The House. I Called Her And Asked For Toilet Paper. She Yelled For The Dog And Then Told Me To Call Him

5. No texts for a full 24 hours and then this

6. M&Ms or bust

7. If you’re a Pokemon fan, can it get any sweeter than this?

8. My Wife Doesn’t Want Me Snacking Late At Night, But Here Are These Two Goons Caught Red-Handed Eating My Noodles Behind My Back

9. Kinda like asking what you want for dinner

10. If you’re a fan of The Office, this one’s for you

11. Derperman Pinscher

12. Photoshopping cats into movie posters

13. We Cannot Keep Any More Dogs, So I Told My Wife Not To Get Attached While We Foster. I’ve Been Calling Him “Inmate #003”. Today, She Bought Him This Outfit

14. A Minecraft birthday cake

15. Funny signs at airports

16. My Wife Put These Halloween Decorations Behind A Door In Our Basement, Now I Need New Underwear

17. Nothing sexier than the Grinch waiting for you at home

18. A pregnancy announcement

19. Unflattering photos

20. She dressed up as him for Halloween

21. This wife deserves a medal

22. I’m Pretty Sure My Girlfriend’s Favorite Hobby Is Getting My Dog To Pose Using My Computer

23. He was working in the leather shop late at night, and his wife decided to surprise him

24. How My Girlfriend Sleeps

25. When I first told my wife I loved her, she replied with “That’s Dangerous“. When we married a year ago she snuck this inscription into my ring.

26. My wife hid this in our backyard and waited days for me to discover it.

27. My mom made this for my dad because he’s going to Vegas this weekend without her

28. He was away on service while she gave birth, so his wife sent him this to cheer him up.

29. At least the dog has his back

30. She asked him to take a picture

31. This relationship just makes sense

32. Girlfriend Said It Was Therapeutic Working At The Humane Society

33. I Made My Husband A Vasectomy Cake. It’s A Lemon Cake With Swiss Meringue Buttercream

34. At least she was honest

35. What’s funnier than 24? 25, according to his girlfriend

36. Her husband didn’t think she’d find shirts to match them. Challenge accepted.

37. I’m So Happy I Didn’t Break Them

38. This wiener art

39. Wife Sent This After Picking Up Our Dog After Surgery Today. Says He’s “Still Under The Influence”

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