20 Passive-Aggressive Workplace Signs That Would Honestly Make Me Quit Immediately

While we’re starting to hear more stories about an upcoming recession than we are about the great resignation, tales of boss misbehavior (and the consequences) are still pretty rampant. People don’t want to work for rude, condescending bosses and they don’t want to work for companies that don’t value them.

This is what we have here, in this list of signs compiled into the most infuriating list of all time.

1. Not legal.


2. Hiring 14-Year-Olds

11BangBang- / Reddit

3. That’s the cashier’s name in bold.

alekgaytor / Reddit

4. No apostrophes either.

RedQueen303 / Reddit

5. Bout that life…

Shouldthavesaidthat / Reddit

6. Manager thought this was motivational

WinnebagoWreckr / Reddit

7. Jeez.

EggsAndMilquetoast / Reddit

8. Ooooookay, crazy

kaljaraska / Reddit

9. Posted in the break room

harveytheham / Reddit

10. This is HR.

statiky / Reddit

11. Not available

12. Spell check!?

13. Oh my gracious

14. An ice cream shop

15. Turn and run

16. So demeaning

17. F off.

18. Nope

19. Peace.

20. So creepy