““Oh, So You’re Plastic?” — Woman Films “Worst First Date” Ever Where Man Criticizes Her Nose Job

Bad dates can be quite the experience, leaving you with stories to tell for years.

Maybe you meet someone online who seems perfect, but in person, they’re glued to their phone the entire time. Or maybe your date brings up their ex non-stop, turning the evening into a therapy session. Sometimes, it’s the awkward silences that make you cringe, or the moment you realize you have nothing in common. And then there are the nightmare scenarios: your date shows up hammered drunk, or worse, doesn’t show up at all.

But this woman’s date makes any of those sound like a meet-cute.

Instagram user @xocare had a first date with a man who ended up being so unbearably horrible, she pulled out her phone and secretly filmed it.

A woman secretly recorded her date upon realizing he was actually terrible

The man had several takes so bad it was as if he was vying for the title of “worst first date” of all time.

During their dinner date, he gushed about how hot Megan Fox is, called her “plastic” for having had a nose job, and called her dog a “waste of money.”


The video blew up on Instagram, where viewers were stunned by the man’s horrible outlook

“I really love Megan Fox. She’s so hot,” the man says in the video, which has racked up nearly 2,000 comments. “I can always tell when the girl’s natural.”

@xocare replies: “Did I mention that I got my nose done?”


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“Oh, so you’re plastic?” the man responds.

“Well, there are different materials you can use for your nose job,” @xocare says. “If it’s Silicon or Gore-Tex, then yes, it’s plastic. But I actually took my own rib out, so I used my own rib cartilage, and that’s what’s in my nose right now.

“Technically, there’s nothing foreign in my nose.”

“Wow,” the man says, taken aback by her candid response. “The father of your kids is in for a surprise.”

The man also called her dog a “waste of money” after she rejected his advances

The man continued his hot streak of being a genuinely awful human by insulting her dog.

He added: “I’m impressed, though. I personally wouldn’t want my wife to be fake, but my place is around the corner if you want to come by.”

“That’s really nice,” @xocare says. “I do have my dog with me, though, so maybe another time.”

“You have a dog?” he replies. “What a waste of money.”

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