How to Prove You're From the Future (According to Movies)

Whether you’ve accomplished it with the help of a time displacement sphere, Delorean or a bunch of midgets with a time map, time travel can be both fun and profitable. Regardless of how you actually accomplish your journey back in time, there are many reasons why being able to prove you are from the future can be helpful. These include:

  • Proving that you are not crazy
  • Explaining the weird clothes you are wearing
  • Convincing your past self to invest in Apple stock

As with most things in life, turning to the world of movies is a great way to find answers to your problems. For planning to travel back in time (or are already back time), here are a few time-honored movie tropes that are guaranteed to prove you’re from the future:

Use a Lighter to Instantly Make Fire

If you’ve gone back in time far enough, then chances are the only way to make fire is by rubbing a couple of sticks together. If such is the case, then that simple lighter in your pocket is a great way to prove you’re from another time. Whether confronted by cavemen or medieval knights, the best way to do this is by waiting until a marauding crew of men is chasing after you with a bunch of weaponry.

Then, once they’ve cornered you and that club/sword is about to come crashing down on you – BAM! Out comes the lighter! Instantly, the tables in your favor, as the mob will instantly come to believe you are a powerful wizard that can kill them all with a simple clap of the hands. This will bide you enough time to explain your situation and show them your time machine.

Predict the Ending of a Sports Game

If you’re in a time period where lighters exist, then your best option is to ‘miraculously’ predict the ending a sports game. Luckily, a game you just so happen to remember will ‘miraculously’ be on the TV/radio/silent movie screen at the exact moment you are confronted with a skeptic.

Even more convenient, you won’t even have to wait for the entire game to play out – as the losing team will be just about to pull off their game-changing play that simultaneously gives them the victory and you the future-predicting credibility you need.

Predict a Freak Accident

If you’re not near a radio or television, then another way to prove you are from the future is to predict a freak accident that is about to happen. Like the sports game, this freak accident – be it a nearby car crash, theft of a woman’s purse or bystander’s heart attack – will conveniently occur right when you need it to. If you really want to be dramatic about it, you can also save the life of the person of someone by pulling them from in front of a moving car, but this is optional.

Punch Ned Ryerson in the Face

Are you stuck in a time loop and being forced to relive the same day over and over? If so, it may be helpful to punch Ned Ryerson in the face. This won’t prove to anyone that you’re from the future, but it might help you feel better about your current situation.


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