Christian Science Test

If your child went to a fundamentalist Christian school, what might his or her science test look like? Here’s a humorous mock-up of what you might expect. (click image to enlarge)


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10 responses to Christian Science Test

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  2. Um, question 3 is so poorly written that it has no correct answer. I suspect you’ve confused the role of independent and dependent variables in an experiment.

  3. Wow. Have you even met a Christian who’s a scientist? Obviously not. Just to enlighten you a little bit, they’re the same as any other type of science. Yeah. They do science. Maybe next time you could talk to someone or think for a second before making a stupid, horribly inaccurate, misleading, and, frankly, quite offensive piece of “art”. Try not to shove your depressing beliefs into our faces and we’ll try not to show you God’s love. Thanks.

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