Maslow's Hierarchy of Internet Needs (IMAGE)

Maslow’s classic hierarchy of needs has now been updated and adapted for the Internet age:


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34 responses to Maslow's Hierarchy of Internet Needs (IMAGE)

    1. I think stumble fits in knowledge search…. Not saying everyone uses it for that purpose, but I have learned some awesome shit from the erstwhile stumble

  1. This concept does not reflect the life style of global icons in space discoveries and policing the world for safety? does it???

  2. pretty much except for the fact 90% of the internet is porn and Prince has declared the internet to be dead so this chart may not be entirely true.

  3. Personally, I would put a little more emphasis on self-diagnosing illnesses and possibly include the addition of compulsive Youtube voyeurism but all in all, you’ve really got something here.

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    1. Kevin,Thanks for wiathcng and being a fan of the Verminators show! We are starting to film season II and the premier will be in March 2009.Good luck with your website.

  5. I didn’t meet anything of the purposes of common use here like: paying your bills, using phone, buying air tickets, video chat with your lovely ones over the Globe etc. Same time this “Maslov’s Hierarchy of Internet Needs” probably fits the needs of the author. It is looking like it fits itself perfectly to the own level of “The need to build self-esteem by viewing the idiocy of others”.

    1. I guess some of the comments above (including mine and yours) fit the same mentioned level of the “Maslow’s classic hierarchy” and it’s only one sign of classics in it. :)))

  6. My goal is actually to be productive when I’m on the computer (i.e. Internetz), but getting through this hierarchy is so freaking time consuming that I often that I seldom pass the finish line. 🙁 Right now, I’m right there, but I’ve got to make some lunch in 10 minutes, so what’s the point?

    1. “that I often that I seldom pass the finish line”, nicely formulated. I Russia! (jk) 😀

      Should be: that I seldom pass […]

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