Donnie's Tiny Hats for Vermin and Rats

Have rats, gophers, raccoons or other vermin infested your home? If so, then you may be reluctant to resort to the cruel, inhumane practices of glue traps, rat traps and deadly poisons. Well, why torture these innocent critters when all you really need to do is invest in a bunch of tiny hats?

That’s right – tiny hats! Tiny hats are the fast, easy and affordable way to instantly turn ANY unwanted pest into a welcomed and adorable visitor!

Does your wife scream every time she spots a little mouse in the basement? Well, then simply strap a tiny beret on that little rodent’s head to instantly turn that frown upside down!

Now, instead of asking your pests to leave, you’ll be begging them to stay! No other solution allows you to more easily tolerate your pests so the two of you can live together in peace and harmony.

At Donnie’s Tiny Hats for Vermin and Rats, we handle every step of the tiny hat process, including:

  • Rounding up all your pests
  • Strapping hats to their heads
  • Releasing them back into your house/yard
  • Custom-fitting hats for vermin with irregular head sizes
  • Revisiting your home to fit new hats as pest population increases

Don’t be fooled by other pest control services that don’t specialize in tiny hats! While they may offer some tiny hat services, their selection and styles of hats pale in comparison! Donnie’s has the largest selection of tiny hats for vermin and rats in the world! Our fashionable selection of tiny hats includes the following:

  • Baseball hat (curved or flat bill)
  • Cowboy hat
  • Nightcap
  • Birthday hat
  • High school graduation hat
  • Beanie
  • Sombrero
  • Fedora
  • Fez
  • Turban

So what are you waiting for? Stop torturing your pests and start strapping tiny hats to their little heads! Call Donnie’s Tiny Hats for Vermin and Rats today!


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