The Periodic Table of Nickelodeon

If you were an 80s or 90s kid, then you proudly remembers such Nick hits as You Can’t Do That on Television, Salute Your Shorts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. If those classics were ahead of your time, then you’re all about Drake and Josh, Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants. Regardless of age, the building blocks of Nickelodeon are proudly displayed below (click image to embiggen).


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10 responses to The Periodic Table of Nickelodeon

    1. My feelings exactly. Kablam was the best. But they list Angela Anaconda, which started out on Kablam, but not Action League Now! even though it spun off, too.

  1. Wow! This was a blast from the past! I was an eighties/nineties nick kid and let me tell u out nick was soooo much better! Even our nick jr was cooler! Though I have to admit max and ruby is pretty cute. Makes me want a time machine, or at least a tv filled with eighties/nineties programming

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