Infographic: Left-Handed Facts and Statistics

As a proud left-hander, I can tell you being in this minority group has its pros and cons. Check out this list of interesting left-handed facts and statistics to learn more about your sinister self (or your sinister friends).

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29 responses to Infographic: Left-Handed Facts and Statistics

  1. Fact 2: Left handers are more likely to be geniuses – 20% of all MENSA memebrs report being left handed.
    >> Does that mean the other 80% report being right handed, making right handed people more likely to be geniuses?

    Fact 5: If both parents are left handed, 50% of their offspring will be left-handed.
    >> What happens if they only have one child?

    1. If 15 percent of the population is left-handed and 20 percent of Mensa members are left-handed, then that is a disproportionate amount of lefties with a higher intelligence (therefore a higher proportion of left-handers are geniuses compared to right handers).

      It means the child has a 50 percent chance of being left handed.

      1. I know what it all means, silly 😛

        I was joking around, ie) Only half of the only child is left-handed…. something stupid like that 😛

    2. Fact #2. Compared to the percentage of Left-handed to right-handed people in the U.S./World, then no. There are a lot less lefties in the world than righties, so having that 20% in MENSA is a higher ratio. Let’s say that out of 100 people…10 are lefties and 90 are righties….so 20% of the 10 lefties would be 2 people and 80% of the 90 righties would be 72, equaling 1.5 lefties to 1 righty..make sense? In other words…for the amount of lefties compared to righties…20% in MENSA is actually a pretty good percentage. if it was like 2% or 3% lefties in MENSA then it would be about an equal number ratio-wise 🙂 sorry, I may have went to far into that.

      1. Brian-Your numbers are all very very wrong. Please read the assignment again, or just say that you are neither left handed or a member of MENSA. or WOMENSA for that matter.
        For instance, out of 100 people the article states that in fact 15 will be lefties. Next – goodness, there really is no making sense out of a statement that started with 100 people, ended with 74 people and said that 2 vs 72 is a 1.5:1 ratio. And finally, skipping to the end, the theoretical 2-3% lefties in MENSA would not in fact be equal in any wise to theoretical 10% lefties, 15% actual lefties or 2 people.
        Good luck with your life. You need help. Please do not try math again without help.

    3. But remember, lefties are the minority. So if lefties make up less than half of the world population, then the simple fact that they make up 20% of an even MORE condensed population, actually raises those statistics tremendously, doesn’t it?

  2. 5% chance? God damn. That means I’m 5% better than my other siblings.
    Oh, and Left handers hate spiral notebooks because it hurts and leaves a mark ALL THE FUCKING TIME. FUCK.

  3. I applaud all of you that are asking pleated jeans for their sources because most of what they state is not true but “Hear Say”. I have conducted 20 years of research on Left-handedness and the Causes and Consequences. There are many other myths about lefties. For instance we do not die younger than righties and we are not more creative. If you want genuine information check out my website: I also hated those spiral notebooks and the righty desks!!!

    1. So do you cover flipping the notebook over in your book? I’ve never run into any huge issues in my life despite being left-handed. It’s not like we are beaten from birth and called evil like 100 years ago. It’s not like we’re gingers (are we…).

  4. interesting lefty fact…

    during the middle ages, in order to gain an advantage defending castles and keeps, spiral staircases were built so that you would descend counter-clockwise. This puts the right arm on the outside, giving you more room to yield a sword while your shield is against the inner pillar of the stairs.

    This caused invading forces to put their lefties on the front lines, because lefties were more suited to fight as they ascended the staircase clockwise. As a result, lefties got killed in disproportionate numbers to righties. It is theorized that this was a common enough practice to have (potentially) suppressed left-handedness in Europe.

    1. The Kerr clan in Scotland had a high percentage of lefties and thus reversed the direction of their spiral staircase.

  5. you guys truely belive this junk? ha! No wonder society thinks down on us lefties! Statistics are based off of a number of people that they tested their theory on….Not on every single left hander. I dont know about you guys but I am not some science project!

  6. You guys just need a box of L’s.
    Y,también, escribo con mi mano izquierda y la idioma de español es mi segundo lengua y yo solamente tengo diecisiete años.

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