Breaking Bad Bingo Card

Breaking Bad (one of my favorite TV shows) finally returns for its 4th season this Sunday. In honor of the occasion, here’s a Breaking Bad bingo card for you.

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  1. Karate Kid, I’m going to do this like Walt would in his role of high school teacher. Class, what is the subject that Walt teaches? Anyone? Beuller? Chemistry, he teaches chemistry. So from this we can infer that the Bi83 at the beginning of the word Bingo refers to what? Good, chemistry, or in this case, chemical elements.

    Chemistry plays a wide role in the television series “Breaking Bad”, and chemical elements are talked about frequently. That being the case, do you imagine that the chemicals used as part of the “Breaking Bad” logo at the top of this page are going to be used to make meth?

    There are not two ” I’s ” in Bingo. The first ” I ” is part of the chemical designation of Bismuth, and the 83 is it’s atomic weight.

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