Your Daily Life in GIFs (28 GIFs)

Here’s a bunch of those little everyday moments put into GIF form…

When someone says, “Think fast!”

When you’re wearing socks and step in something wet:

When your parents don’t like what you’re wearing:

When you take pics with your best friend:

When you pass by school or work on the weekend:

When someone you just met wants a hug:

When you try to wink seductively:

When you smell food cooking in the kitchen:

When someone near you mentions your favorite band:

When you’re walking home at night and you hear a noise:

When your friend has a sunburn:

That stage in a friendship when you can finally start insulting them:

When someone tries to talk to you in the morning:

When you see a picture of a cockroach:

When someone asks for a bite of your food:

When you were a kid and opened a present with clothes in it:

When you walk into McDonald’s with more than five dollars:

When you go the doctor and the nurse walks in with your flu shot:

When you walk into the bathroom and the toilet isn’t flushed:

When the person you like asks you who you like:

When you hear the words, “dinner is ready”:

When a baby is staring at you and the parents aren’t looking:

When people are arguing and try to pull you into the conversation:

When your mom tries to dance:

When you dislike someone so much their name angers you:

When you put your camera on self-timer:

When your teacher says, “Pop quiz!”

When you drop your food:

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