16 Really Weird Laws

Here are just a few really silly and crazy laws from around the world…


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5 responses to 16 Really Weird Laws

  1. The picture under the “masturbation in Indonesia” should maybe be replaced. The man in the picture is of Sgt. Leonard Siffleet, an Australian POW who was murdered in 1943 by a Japanese guard. Putting a picture of a real murder on a humor site and making it seem that the victim was being killed for masturbation is in the poorest taste.

    1. I am with fellow commenter Scott Miller.

      I recognized the image for the image shown for “the penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation” instantly as an Allied POW about to be decapitated by Japanese forces. The image is fairly well known.

      I don’t know if whoever just did a google search for decapitation or what, but it is bad form to put an image of a WW2 soldier seconds from death next to a masturbation joke. Please take it down.

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