22 Reasons America is Still the Best Country in the World

Lately, it seems there’s been some talk that America is losing its edge when it comes to being awesome. To prove this theory wrong, here are 22 irrefutable pictures that prove America is still the best country in the freaking world.

1. We know our world history:

2. Our grocery stores sell exotic foods:

3. We’re dedicated to safe traffic laws:

4. We’re hiring:

5. We provide extremely detailed instructions:

6. We sell this:

7. We cater to people of all shapes and sizes:

8. We sell greeting cards for our cats:

9. We make sure everyone has access to affordable legal representation:

10. Eating has never been easier:

11. We invest in our future generation:

12. We have child-sized burritos:

13. We have strict gun regulations:

14. We sell free money:

15. We have two kinds of rabbits:

16. We are the land of opportunity:

17. We sell squeeze bacon:

18. Our news stations are well informed:

19. We offer extreme convenience:

20. You can literally get free mustache rides:

21. We invented the dog snuggie:

22. We celebrate all cultures and ethnicities:

images via here, here and here

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41 responses to 22 Reasons America is Still the Best Country in the World

        1. The text is in Swedish. the text in the red ring says: Jätte mumsig and translates to very delicious or super delicious.
          And the blue rectangle says: amerikansk smak and translates to american flavored. But this product is not sold in sweden.

  1. LOL Americans are really good with humor. I understand most (if not all) of the listed above are real, and only Americans can do/create/implement these things.

      1. i live in the south, and what is so bad about it? i love new york, but how are we garbage? we all have our opinions and i accept yours

    1. If america is that good how come thers alot of crime like gun crimes and murders. People that murder others are very stupid knowing that dna will allway catch them out. Apart from crime america would be a lovely place to live

      1. There is murder every day around the world. From what your implying, it sounds as if you’re saying america is the only place people are killed or something. Just a tip if you’re going to say something about a country, dont say people die there because of crimes. Im pretty there was not a day when any country had absolutely no crimes committed. Crime is just inevitable. America is a lovely place to live. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and im proud to be an american even if we are not perfect.

      2. Debra, THE U.S is not the only country that has murders. I bet your crap ass country has ten times the murders. USA is the country in the world.

    2. because heaven sells guns. because heaven fights every war available. because heaven is out of money. becaues heaven skins black people. because heaven hasgot only one education. because heaven excists only 400 years after all the natives got killed. because heaven is dumb…

      1. lol honestly if you know somewhere that is better than america then let me know…I’ve never heard of a place better than the USA I’ve been around the world and still i don’t know any place better.

      2. The US is not even 300 years old and it has the largest economy in the world.

        You’re an ignorant twit.

        And no, where do we skin black people? And we have the best universities in the world.


  2. Hi i always think it is fascinating that Americans think they live in the best country in the world. Is it because Americans feel that it is unpatriotic to think otherwise?

    From my personal experience though i have travelled to over 70 countries around the world, and have visited some great countries.
    These are my favourites, and i would have to say ARE some of my ‘contenders’ for the best country in the world.
    2/New Zealand

    I must say though I have visited the USA, and there are some great places over there too, but in terms of quality of life, i can’t rate it in my top ten.

    1. Go Australia, love this place =]

      America has a high crime level, lots of shootings, fat ass people, and no healthcare system. Also, why are you not using the metric system!? since your one of the stupidest nations in the world you think you would go with the easier system to learn. oh wait, your stupid thats right…

      1. I’d agree with Australia being a beauty , but the U.S. only has high crime rates in areas closer to the cities . Thats why I live in New England ( US maine , new hampshire , vermont , etc ) And shootings only occur from violence in the media , depression , or terror groups that inspire some to commit them . I can say for a fact that heavier set people live closer to the cities , and that not everyone here is a fat ass . We do have healthcare , even though for some it sucks . I also think it’s ironic for you to say they are stupid when people from your own country live there , so it’s like calling yourself stupid . So to recap we can say 1. You know nothing of American life 2. There metric system is as closely based off yours as any other one 3. Your ignorant
        – Dimitri

      2. The fact that you spelt ”you’re” as ”your” while calling an entire country stupid, seems a little odd to me. I’m willing to bet that you wouldn’t fair all that well in a primary school grammar contest, but hey I guess some people are just REALLY stupid aren’t they….STOOOOOOPIIIIIIIDDDDD.

      3. I’m American and I am smarter than you.

        Why? Because I know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

        And we have the highest amount of highest-scoring students in the world. We have the biggest economy. And the best universities.

        Also, Australia is catching up. Your obesity rate is high too. It’s all around the developed world that this epidemic is happening.

    2. I have to say that anyone illiterate as yourself is hard to take serious. Now I know why you used the number 70 instead of trying to spell it. Your too dumb to have gone to seventy countries.

  3. ya america just has the best economy in the world best military but because some people are retarded and have guns we are considered the worst we have a huge population what do you expect theres gunna be no crime if thats what you base your opinion off of you are one dumbass

  4. K…..most of you guys are retarded and don’t get the message. This is SARCASM. He’s talking shit. The moment you have to tell your citizens which is right and which is left….your beyond salvation. He’s poking fun at US……I agree with some of those.

  5. I see it this way the us is too big to fail. When it does I have one word amerganon. Who will protect you Canada lol. All countries who like to see the big guy fall watch out what you wish for. Do some praying with no US military God will be your only defense. Good luck with the nukes from these radical countries and there will be no US to save your ass.

  6. I find this site hilarious! Not because it’s the first time I’ve seen Americans actually use sarcasm. I think it’s very healthy to make jokes about yourself that way, which is very normal in most countries. But Americans never laugh at themselves and take everything at face value. Which is why people from the US are so good at business, but crappy at comedy. But here we have sarcastic jokes aimed at themselves! Wonderful!
    The funniest part of this are comments. Always negative, bigoted and immensely insular. Typical American and Funny!

  7. I’d have to agree with every single one of these with the exception of number one. Americans are some of the dumbest gorillas to ever walk the planet. Yes we are well fed and have a great economy but we are definitely not the smartest. Most Americans don’t know what Cajun people are even though they are part of American heritage, and more than half never even heard of a country called Spain even though their State and home town is originally named in Spanish. Greatest country yes, brightest people no way!

    1. I doubt anyone in Europe knows what the “Cajun” people are either. It isn’t only Americans. The Cajun people aren’t really known. There’s only 1.2 million of them. Most people around the world do not know who The Chakmas are either.

      And no the US is not the dumbest. It has the best universities in the world, most nobel peace prize winners, and the highest amount of high-scoring students in the world.

      And on average IQ it ranks above most of the world.

      Stop eating off of stereotypes.

  8. Fuck all of you who thinks America sucks. Have some respect. Have you ever had Muslim radicals fly passenger planes loaded with people into your skyscrapers. Have you ever had Russians set of bombs at your marathons just because they don’t like America. I’m sorry the we were unfair and very violent to the African Americans and the native Americans, but that was because we were treated so poorly by the Brits. We also don’t join every war. We help out our friends in wars cause we don’t like watching our allies get destroyed. Why has no one pointed out Japan, who pointlessly bombed Pearl Harbor and got us involved in World War Two. Is no one gonna even mention the fact that the nazis treated Jewish people ten thousand times worse that we treated the African Americans and the native Americans. You can’t say ” Oh everyone Ian America is a fatass” because that is not true. I go to school with 1500 other student and I can only pick out about three that are overweight. A lot of people say that America is all about Jesus And burgers, but I’m atheist and don’t like burgers so that’s not true. You point out how we have a high crime rate, but can you really blame us. Half of the people who commit crimes here have gone insane because of all the people who attack just because they don’t like us. So long story short, a lot of the stereotypes on America aren’t true, and you really should show some respect because, incase you haven’t noticed, we get a attacked by terrorists for no reason a lot. Oh, and in the whole Americans are stupid topic, that’s not true either. I have an iq of 135, which is higher than about 96% of all humans. And we have the best military in the world. So that’s about it. I just had to say that a lot of the American stereotypes are fake and that we deserve some respect for all the terrorist attacks in us.

  9. The USA is known for its pathetic conservative government who like to keep their policies traditional and like to bully other countries about issuses when the USA have importsnt issuses whhich theyy have to sort out.

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