22 Reasons America is Still the Best Country in the World

Lately, it seems there’s been some talk that America is losing its edge when it comes to being awesome. To prove this theory wrong, here are 22 irrefutable pictures that prove America is still the best country in the freaking world.

1. We know our world history:

2. Our grocery stores sell exotic foods:

3. We’re dedicated to safe traffic laws:

4. We’re hiring:

5. We provide extremely detailed instructions:

6. We sell this:

7. We cater to people of all shapes and sizes:

8. We sell greeting cards for our cats:

9. We make sure everyone has access to affordable legal representation:

10. Eating has never been easier:

11. We invest in our future generation:

12. We have child-sized burritos:

13. We have strict gun regulations:

14. We sell free money:

15. We have two kinds of rabbits:

16. We are the land of opportunity:

17. We sell squeeze bacon:

18. Our news stations are well informed:

19. We offer extreme convenience:

20. You can literally get free mustache rides:

21. We invented the dog snuggie:

22. We celebrate all cultures and ethnicities:

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