Your Daily Life in GIFs (9.16.13)

When you accidentally click the wrong application in your computer’s toolbar:

When someone thinks you need help doing something you’re good at:

When you try to do math first thing in the morning:

When you can tell someone is being fake to you:

When someone uses your driveway to turn around:

When you walk into a public restroom and the toilet is disgusting:

But you really have to go so you:

When you look in the fitting room mirror:

When you see a deleted comment with a bunch of interesting replies:

When you accidentally blurt out a curse word in public:

When you’re out to dinner with someone and they won’t stop checking their phone:

When you found out about the new Harry Potter spin-off:

When you were little and your parents wouldn’t let you get snacks at the movie theater:

When you thought you got a phone notification, but then nothing’s there:

When you’re leaving your house and your pet gives you that really sad face:

When your computer says it’s connected to the Internet, but nothing will load:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with some on my own.

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