15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

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  1. Double doors etiquette.

    Open the first one.
    If she waits, open the second one.
    If not, okay.

    If she gets huffy and says it’s sexist, treat her how you would treat a guy acting like that and shut the door on them mid sentence.

    1. I can tell you honestly that trying to navigate those sets of doors are miserable for a person trying to open both sets. When our daughter was young enough that we brought her places in the carseat that comes out of the car and acts like a straight jacket bassinet, my husband would carry it and I would open the doors. You have to do this awkward trading places that’s really obnoxious. We were hardly coordinated. Chivalrous would require a great deal of skill. Too much skill to be trustworthy.

    2. Let me tell you that when you have to walk with a cane – those kind of doors are just pure living hell. They have them in the entrance to our office building and every morning I end up having to do some weird balancing act/getting smacked in the face or backside by at least one door.

      It’s almost as bad as their habit of shutting off the lifts ‘to encourage exercise and staff health!’. I work on the 3rd floor….

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