15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

Please enjoy these words which have been arranged in a very agreeable way.

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  1. For the last one, it’s more like this: Hufflepuff=nice, Ravenclaw= smart, Slytherin=Mostly bad but some from here could be good, you have just never heard of them and Gryffindor=Idk I guess it’s brave

    1. I find Harry Potter very offensive.

      It takes away from Christian values that this country was built on.

      Kids should read The Bible, not some book full of magic and lies.

      TRUMP 2016

    2. It’s supposed to be Gryffindor = brave, Slytherin = ambitious, Ravneclaw = clever, Hufflepuff = loyal, and part of the deal is your main personality trait is ultimately your choice and not the school’s.

    3. Hufflepuff = Kind, helpful, etc.
      Ravenclaw = Studious, intelligent, etc.
      Gryffindor = Brave, loyal, etc.
      Slytherin = Cunning, logical, etc.

  2. The worst part about Starbucks is how they’ve gotten an entire generation of idiots thinking that coffee is supposed to be burnt because that makes it “strong” and “bold”, even though burnt beans have less caffeine, stain more, and are harder on the stomach.

    Starbucks is trash.

  3. I don’t know about that dog tweet man… I once saw a dog come out of the vet and they had shaved him bum. Everyone started laughing at him and he got embarrassed and went and stood behind his person. I think that shows a lot of self-awareness.

  4. “you can’t believe it’s not butter? buddy, almost everything is not butter”

    That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo. Anything is butter if you try hard enough.

  5. Okay, pick up those bills. And don’t wad ’em all up in a ball and stuff’ em in a bag. Stack’ em. And face them. I want everybody looking the same direction. Clerks don’t face their bills anymore. I hate that. *holds up line while turning all my bills the same way before putting my change in my wallet*

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