15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

Laughter is considered a good workout. You can skip the gym today.

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    1. I think they were given a flour sack in HS to “care for” to learn about parenting a baby and they kept it and now it’s all grown up.

    2. Some schools do a project involving keeping a fake baby for a weekend or a week. Nowadays they have weird screaming plastic models, but before that they had flour sacks with faces painted on.

    3. It’s because of a common assignment in US health education classes that make teenagers carry around either a sack of flour or an egg and pretend it’s a baby to discourage them from having sex. It’s always weird and makes little sense.

  1. Back in Home Ec days the girls were made to make a 5 pound “flour baby” with stocking arms and face. I made one in 8th grade. We were to lug it around to remind ourselves that babies are hard yo. The boys didn’t have to do it

    1. Would’ve rather done that than the “baby think it over”- which is what I had. Super weird, squawking plastic devil that had sensors to monitor if you were ignoring or trying to kill it. They also make a weird cigarette version of it where you have to blow into a box and repeat phrases into it- I’ve never seen anyone do either to a real cigarette.

  2. Gym grd to ft jerk the kids will be going to your parents fora and you could bring her tomorrow if she’s still not better and would probably give some antibiotics to help you get the fucking cat asleep

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