15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

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  1. Newser: “You were sportsing pretty hard out there. A lot of sports happened. Why do you think you lost?”
    Sportser: “We sportsed out best and score points, but the other team was sportsing too, and they scored even more points.”
    Newser: “What’s your next strategy for the next match?”
    Sportser: “We need to stop the other team from scoring points while we ourselves score many points.”
    Newser: “Now back to the studio for ten hours of sports analysis.”
    Sportser: “My income is higher than most countries.”

      1. It’s not the Oatmeal, it’s Vector Belly. Why does everyone think every funny comic on the internet is the Oatmeal.

  2. My favorite Tweet:

    If you ever feel bad about yourself, remember that George Bush was once informed that 4 Brazilian people were killed in Iraq and he responded “how many is a brazilian?”


    1. Darwin was the guy who established the evolution theory, the joke is that one of his 10kids (probably the weakest) will starve to death, only letting those survive who have a “evolutionary advantage”.

      1. The joke doesn’t really make sense though because he’s starving one of the children pruposefully, meaning he’s intervening on natural selection.

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