17 Jokes For Those About To Make A Bad Decision

Of all the decision you make in a day, probably like 99% are good. A bad decision is rare. Which is why you are allowed to do one every now and then, and maybe even feel good about it. Well, using that logic you might as well say sometimes a bad decision is actually a good decision! If this all seems confusing to you that’s because I’m trying to justify this to myself so I can make another bad decision.

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23 Pictures With Hidden Secrets That Totally Change The Vibe

When we were children we always used to look at books of pictures with hidden secrets as a fun game. Now we’re older, jaded. We know that reality rarely has hidden details worth looking for. Luckily, a couple of exceptions have been photographed and uploaded by some keen observers. So now you can replay that classic childhood activity, which actually will boost your I.Q. and make you live longer too. Okay that part was made up.

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21 Funny Food Memes For The Microwave Chef

The perfect kitchen has all the right spices, good well-maintained cooking tools, and of course, funny food memes. Probably just stuff the memes in a drawer or something. If you’re like me you’re not using the cutting board or paprika anyway, you’re just eating half a jarĀ of pickles and staring sadly at a bag of chips until it magically begins to look like medium rare steak.

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