Comparing Famous Robots (IMAGE)

Television and movie robots come in all shapes and sizes. They also vary in purpose from menial task completer all the way down the line to human killing machine. Let’s take a moment to compare five of the most famous robots of all time:


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22 Funny Wall Decorations and Framed Portraits From TV Sitcoms

Just as in the real world, fictional TV characters like to personalize their homes and offices with family photos, portraits and other mementos. Sometimes, these decorations fit directly into a sitcom’s storyline. Other times, they are quietly tucked into the background by clever writers in an effort to reward viewers for paying attention. Whatever the case, there have been plenty of hilarious “home décor” moments created by some of our favorite TV shows. Below are 22 of the funniest examples I could find.

Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson has an affinity for two things: breakfast and dark-haired women. A combination of these two loves is perfectly depicted in the poster he proudly displays on his office wall. (source)

Pawnee, Indiana has a rich history, apparently. This history is displayed in mural form along the walls of Pioneer Hall. The above images are titled “The ‘Trial’ of Chief Wamapo” and “Sunday Boxing.” View a couple more murals at NBC.

Arrested Development

It doesn’t matter how many times I see that framed photo of George Michael, it makes me laugh every time. Add in Tobias, and you’ve got yourself a true classic TV moment.

The Office

Apparently, Michael Scott is a very proud Seyko watch owner. (source)

This cute frightening baby poster was meant to help Angela get through her many crabby days at work. Unfortunately, all it really did was make Oscar crabby himself (who complained that the poster was “the opposite art” and in poor taste). (source)

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is without a doubt one of the kings of background gags. Nelson’s sparsely decorated bedroom may not adhere to the classic rules of Feng Shui, but he certainly knows what he likes (i.e. blowing stuff up).

This one is a vintage Duff advertisement from the McCarthy era that Homer spotted while at the Duff Brewery. (source)

When Homer lies to Marge and tells her that he has to visit Lenny in the hospital due to an injury (“Not Lenny!”), she springs into action with this well-meaning cross-stitch.

Okay, this one’s more adorable than it is hilarious, but it’s still pretty freaking awesome. In case you don’t remember, Homer put up these pictures of Maggie at work to alter the original mantra installed by Mr. Burns – “Don’t Forget: You’re Here Forever.”

30 Rock

30 Rock has proven itself pretty prolific when it comes to background gags. This photo of fish and chips is proudly displayed in Liz Lemon’s office. Something tells me her and Ron Swanson would get along swimmingly. (source)

Tracy Jordan’s movie roles are a running gag on 30 Rock. One of his favorite roles appears to be Who Dat Ninja? – the poster is displayed in his dressing room. (source)

Here’s another Oscar-worthy movie poster from Tracy Jordan’s career. (source)

The Colbert Report

Every year, Stephen Colbert vows to add another layer of depth to this classy portrait that sits over his fake mantle. After its time on the show, the portrait above was first displayed outside a bathroom at the National Portrait Gallery in DC. Now, the image is part of the Smithsonian’s permanent collection of American Treasures. (source)


You’d think Stephen Colbert would be the only one narcissistic enough to proudly display a portrait of himself, right? Nope – Futurama’s Zapp Brannigan takes it one step further and moves his self-aggrandizing directly into the bedroom. (source)

Flight of the Conchords

The homeland of Jemaine, Bret and Murray (“Present”) is the butt of a slew of jokes in Flight of the Conchords. The country’s tourism motto doesn’t really help its case. (source)

Stalker/Fan Mel is way too eager to show her love for her favorite band. For obvious reasons, this hand-painted portrait of Jemaine quickly found its way into the trash pile. (source)


“The Human Being” is by far one of the worst school mascots of all time. (source)

Okay, I know this isn’t technically “wall art,” but this lone trophy in the Greendale Community College trophy case is hilarious enough to warrant mentioning. (source)


This poster for VD became a rather embarrassing resume bullet point for struggling New York actor, Joey. (source)


When George started working at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, this little photo bomb created more than a little trouble between him and his new boss.

Kruger: “Kruger: Actually, funny thing about this photo. We were at the beach and there was this dumb looking guy near by. When he went in for a swim, my sons and I took all his stuff and threw it in the ocean! What a pear-shaped loser.”

The Kramer. Is any sitcom painting more recognizable? This portrait was so popular, that NBC eventually replicated the painting into posters, which sold quite well (my friend had one up on his wall). The intrigue of the painting is best summed up by the old couple in the show that eventually bought it:

“His struggle is man’s struggle. He lifts my spirit.”

“He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”

“He transcends time and space.”

“He sickens me.”

“I love it.”

“Me too.”


Did I miss your favorite? Put it in the comments and let me know.

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The 10 Best Supporting Robots on Futurama

When it comes to robots in Futurama, everyone knows Bender is king. However, there are plenty of other automatons in the 31st century that helped make Futurama one of the funniest shows on the planet. In honor of the show’s return to air, here are ten robots (and robot groups) that we’re looking forward to seeing again:


10. Whalers on the Moon

As far as futuristic robot technology goes, the Whalers on the Moon are pretty dated. Though really no more advanced than the animatronic robots one might see at a 1980s Chuck E. Cheese, these simpletons captured our hearts with their kitschy nature and catchy tune. Naturally, these lame robots work at a lame amusement park on the moon (Luna Park). Watch the Whalers on the Moon song


9. Robot Santa Claus

Created in 2801 for the purpose of judging who has been naughty and who has been nice (and thus receives presents), Robot Santa Claus unfortunately suffers from a programming error. This error causes him to judge everyone (well, almost everyone) as naughty – a categorization that is punished not by coal, but murder. Thanks to Robot Santa’s reign of terror – along with Kwanzaabot and the Chanakuh Zombie – the holidays ————————————————-aren’t nearly as happy as they are in our time.

Watch Robot Santa Claus in action


8. The Fratbots

“ROBOOOOT HOUSE!” When Fry enrolled at Mars University, Bender embarked on an adventure strikingly similar to that of Animal House. Among the robots at the lamest fraternity on campus were Gearshift, Oily and Fatbot – a.k.a. the Fratbots. These uber-nerdy robots plead to Bender to help make them cool – a plan that inevitably gets them put on ” dodecatuple secret ————————————————-probation” by the insidious dean.

Watch Bender meet the Fratboys


7. Reverend Lionel Preacherbot

No robot has more charisma and inspiring vocal inflection than the great Reverend Lionel Preacherbot. As the preacher for the Temple of Robotology, Lionel once tried to help Bender overcome his addiction to “jacking on” (shooting up electricity). He has also presided over numerous weddings during the show’s run. Watch the Reverend baptize Bender


6. The Network Execubots

Alphabot, Betabot and Gammabot comprise the Network Execubots – three robots designed to optimize television ratings. Just as worthless as today’s real executives, Alphabot is designed to “like things it has seen before,” Betabot is designed to “roll dice to determine the fall schedule,” and Gammabot is programmed to “underestimate middle America.”


5. Tinny Tim

Tinny Tim is a crippled robot orphan – a fact that doesn’t keep Bender from ripping on him whenever he gets the chance. Destined to a life of bad luck, Tinny Tim takes to the streets to beg and sell the latest edition of the New New York Post. His British accent and old-timey hat further serve as accessories to his pitiful existence. Watch Tinny Tim


4. The Robot Mafia

Need a truckload of Zuban Cigars? Then you better call the Robot Mafia. Donbot serves as the mob boss, while Clamps and Joey Mousepad take care of the muscle. Of the three, Clamps is the one you really have to watch out for – his Joe Pesci-esque aggression could create a lot of trouble if you got on his bad side. Watch the Robot Mafia in action


3. Hedonism Bot

Hedonism Bot is so hedonistic and self-indulgent, that he comes pre-built with his own couch. As the poster child for excess, Hedonism Bot is constructed from solid gold, constantly gorges himself on a bowl of grapes and enjoys having chocolate icing rubbed on his belly. Watch Hedonism Bot


2. Calculon

Calculon is the lead actor of the robot soap opera, All My Circuits. He is dashing, attractive and an occasional judge at the Miss Universe Pageant. Apparently, he is also a shapeshifting Were-car who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for an “unholy acting ability.” Watch Calculon


1. The Robot Devil

In the future, no robot is more important than the Robot Devil. From his base in Robot Hell (located in a run-down New Jersey amusement park), the Robot Devil punishes the sinful robots of the world and buys the souls of any robot stupid enough to take the deal. If you want to be a master fiddle player or holophoner, then you might try asking him to ———————————————swap his dexterous hands for your own. Watch Robot Devil


Honorable Mentions


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The 10 Best TV Shows Within TV Shows

Everybody loves television, even fictional characters in TV shows. Throughout the years, there have been a number of fake TV shows placed within real TV shows for comedic effects. Of all the dreamed up TV shows within TV shows, here are ten of the best:


10. Jerry – Seinfeld

While the fictional TV show, Jerry, never actually saw production in the fictional world of Seinfeld, it did contribute heavily to the actual show’s plot (particularly in the last season). The show, much like Seinfeld, was billed as a “show about nothing” that followed Jerry’s exploits in New York.  In true Seinfeld form, the whole story arc of the Jerry sitcom was groundbreaking television, and helped the real show’s television viewing audience laugh at the whole idea of putting a show about nothing on network TV.


9. Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice – Family Guy

A gritty crime drama that stars Bryant Gumbel and Greg Gumbel? Now that’s an idea that could only be dreamed up by the pop-culture-minded writers at Family Guy. With cheesy one-liners, terrible beach-themed plots and a lot of “Mm-Hmms” in the interrogation room, Gumbel 2 Gunbel ————————————————–is a TV show that is so bad, it’s good.

Other honorable mentions from Family Guy: Cutting in Line in Front of Italians, Diane!, Fast Animals…Slow Children and The Side Boob Hour.


8. The Terrance and Phillip Show – South Park

Much like Jerry was directly based on Seinfeld, so too was the Terrance and Phillip Show based on South Park. Except, in this case, Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to base their TV show within a TV show on letters sent from viewers that complained South Park was crudely drawn and all about fart jokes. Taking this criticism to the extreme, the duo created a fictional show that was exactly that. I don’t think I’d particularly enjoy watching a full 30 minutes of these two buffoons farting around, but Terrance and Phillip is the type of thing that kids eat up:


Other honorable mentions from South Park: Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens, Jesus and Pals and Russell Crowe Fightin’ Round the World.


7. Viking Quest – Entourage

If you like Xena: Warrior Princess, then you’d love Viking Quest. Viking Quest is a sci-fi fantasy that stars Entourage character Johnny Drama. With catchphrases like “Victory!” and plot points that feature Johnny’s character being frozen in time for 30 years, it’s not hard to see why the show has such a cult following within the fictional world of Entourage.


6. Los Dias y Las Noches de Monsignor Martinez – King of the Hill

Los Dios… was a Spanish action show that starred an undercover cop posing as a Catholic Monsignor. The gritty drama was cheesy and captivating all at once, and might be likened to the Spanish version of Chuck Norris‘ Walker, Texas Ranger. The fictional TV show’s catch phrase, “Vaya con Dios,’ (go with God) was often uttered by Martinez right before we went Biblical on someone’s ass.

Note: Interestingly, Los Dios… was almost turned into a REAL TV spinoff of King of the Hill. However, the show (which actually filmed a pilot) never actually got picked up.


5. Mock Trial With J. Reinhold – Arrested Development

“My name is Judge!” Mock Trial with J. Reinhold was a reality-based court show (similar to Judge Judy). Throw in a judge whose name is Judge, the ability to call puppets to the witness stand and an intro song from William Hung‘s Hung Jury, and this show was television gold.

The show’s intro song can be heard below:


Other honorable mentions from Arrested Development: El Amor Prohibido, Scandalmakers and Wrench (featuring Detective Frank Wrench)


4. The Muddy Mudskipper Show – The Ren and Stimpy Show

Muddy Mudskipper is a fish that hosts an afternoon kid’s show. While completely congenial and kid-friendly when on screen, he is decidedly less so when the cameras are off. Grizzled, hateful and prone to villainous plots that involve kidnapping the pope, Muddy Mudskipper isn’t exactly the best role model for kids. The theme song for the show can be heard below:



3. The Girlie Show – 30 Rock

With sketches about Gay-braham Lincoln and songs that discuss “Muffin Tops,” The Girlie Show is a live sketch show that is clearly a watered-down parody of Saturday Night Live. Regardless of content, I’d watch anything that stars Tracy Morgan (er, Jordan) and is written by Tina Fey. The Muffin Top song is below:


Other honorable mentions for 30 Rock: Gold Case, MILF Island and Bitch Hunter


2. All My Circuits – Futurama

Amnesia, comas, long-lost twins – All My Circuits takes the cheesiness of daytime soap operas and adds in the twist of a nearly all-robot cast (save for one token human, whose official character name is “Human Friend”). I’ve never been a fan of tawdry daytime TV shows, but I’m pretty sure I’d be a loyal fan of All My Circuits. I mean, come on, that Calculon is SO dreamy.

Other honorable mentions for Futurama: The Essence of Elzar, Single Female Lawyer and Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.


1. Itchy and Scratchy – The Simpsons

Itchy and Scratchy are clearly a demented rip-off of Tom and Jerry. Despite being incredibly violent, there’s actually a lot of ingenuity and creativity in most Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. It’s rare for a parody of a TV show to actually match the supreme awesome-ness of the original, but Itchy and Scratchy could easily find a long shelf life as a stand-alone cartoon. Throw in the fact that you actually get to see numerous full stories of Itchy and Scratchy, and you’ve got yourself the best TV show within a TV show of all time.


Other honorable mentions for the Simpsons: The Krusty the Klown Show, Eye on Springfield, Knightboat (the Crime-Solving Boat), Radioactive Man and The Happy Little Elves.


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In Memoriam: 6 Tombstones of Famous Robots (PICS)

Today is a day that we all take time to remember the fallen heroes of yesteryear. While most of the focus is rightly put on the brave soldiers that fought for our country, there is also an unsung group of heroes that many neglect to stop and remember. Of course, I am talking about robots. To help you all remember the cherished robots, androids and cyborgs in your life, here are six gravestones of famous robots:


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