Cartoon Characters Go Bald for Cancer

Sunday (June 5th) is National Cancer Survivor’s Day. In honor of all those out there who are survivors (including you, mom!), I called in some favors and got some famous cartoon characters to shave their heads to help raise awareness. Check out the pics and then maybe consider donating to the American Cancer Society.

The Simpsons

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The Simpsons Springfield Mall Directory

With stores like The Leftorium, Eye Caramba and The Vast Waistband, The Springfield Mall is one of the most entertaining malls in America. Since I got tired of getting lost every time I went looking for All Creatures Great and Cheap, I decided to put together a mall directory to help get around. Click image to enlarge.

Note: I am aware King Toot’s and other stores are not explicitly found in the mall on the show. I created the map with the assumption that multiple store locations could be found in Springfield.

Special thanks to the Simpsons Wikia for help with store names and pictures.


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GRAPHICS: Average Daily Food Intake of Homer Simpson, Seinfeld Cast & Garfield

We all know Homer Simpson is a big fan of food, but it’s really not until you lay his daily food intake out onto a single table that you really get an idea of how much of a glutton he is. Check out table spreads of an average day’s worth of nourishment for Homer Simpson, the Seinfeld cast and Garfield the cat.

(note: these are very rough estimates based on evidence found in each show. Also, the real-life image that inspired this post is worth checking out)

Click image to enlarge – suggested daily calories for Homer are based on recommended caloric intake for 1 middle-aged man with weight of 300 lbs. See below for a complete breakdown of calories for each item.

Click image to enlarge – J = Jerry, K = Kramer, G = George, E = Elaine, A = All

Suggested daily calories are based on recommended caloric intake for one middle-aged woman with weight of 130 lbs. (2,000 cals.), one middle-aged man with weight of 150 lbs. (2,200 cals.), one middle-aged man with weight of 180 lbs. (2,200 cals.) and one middle-aged man with weight of 220 lbs. (2,300 cals.). See below for a complete breakdown of calories for each item.

Suggested daily calories  for Garfield are based on recommended caloric intake for one 8-lb. cat. See below for a complete breakdown of calories for each item.


Homer Simpson Calories Breakdown:

Family size chips – 3600, Nuts and Gum – 950, Powerbar – 9, Hot dog – 280, 64 slices of cheese – 6400, 12 beers – 1740, 2 burgers (Big Mac) – 800, 3 large fries – 1200, 2 slurpees – 360, 13 donuts – 4,250, half pig – 3,000, bowl of mashed potatoes – 690, green been casserole – 1000, floor pie (2 slices) – 650

Seinfeld Cast Calories Breakdown:

Cheerios – 220 (2 cups), Grapefruit – 100, Bagel – 230, 2 Muffin tops – 560, Pot of coffee (10 cups) – 10, Oh Henry bar – 263, 1 Peach – 35, 2 Cantaloupe slices – 50, Cheese- 1060, Jujy Fruits – 240, 7 Snapples 1050, 1 Bosco drink – 837, 1 Bowl Soup – 140, 2 slices marble rye – 160, Tuna sandwich – 288, Calzone – 800, Big salad – 200, Black & White Cookie – 430, Junior Mints – 170, Eclaire – 300, Chocolate Babka (1 slice) – 440, Roasted chicken – 600, Kung Pao Chicken – 800, Gyro – 630

Garfield Calories Breakdown:

Cat Food (two servings) – 1200, Coffee: 4 calories, Cake – 1800, Lasagna (8 servings) – 580

Most calorie estimates were taken from Recommended calorie intakes were calculated from here.


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22 Hilarious News Headlines From Movies and TV

Whether used to move the plot forward or simply as a background gag, newspapers are often used in the world of TV and movies. Throughout the years, such esteemed publications as the Springfield Shopper, Daily Prophet and Langley Falls Post have made it a point to not only inform their readers, but entertain as well. Below are 22 of the funniest newspaper headlines from movies and TV:

American Dad

American Dad makes it a point to begin almost every episode with a new newspaper headline in the show’s opening theme. Above is a classic example. (source)

Arrested Development

File footage was a staple of the mock documentary format created for Arrested Development. Above is the headline that resulted when GOB attacked Michael with a giant pair of scissors. Thankfully, Michael guarded himself with rock. Unfortunately, the whole incident was covered by the paper.

The Spanish papers were all over Lucille when she made out with “homeless man” Oscar. (source)

This political cartoon serves as scathing commentary for the creator of The Cornballer. (source)

Family Guy

Throwing in a joke headline further down the page is a classic gag that many viewers have come to expect. Family Guy points out this expected Easter Egg with this meta headline (source)

Harry Potter

The Daily Prophet plays a fairly large role in the Harry Potter series. While most of the headlines were strictly newsworthy (“Mass Breakout From Azkaban”), a few like the one above were a little tongue-in-cheek.  Other favorites I couldn’t find a screen grab for include “Fudge Voted Stylish Wizard” and “Vampire Admitted to Casualty After Garlic Bread Overdose.” (source)

Married…With Children

Spinning newspaper headlines abounded in an episode of Married…With Children that saw Al and his fellow No Ma’am compatriots joining a baseball league. Not surprisingly, the crew named their team the “Cleavage,” with similarly named teams making up the rest of the league.

After a series of “Cleavage” based headlines, the montage of spinning newspapers culminated with this little joke.


From deep within his grave, Beetlejuice stays up-to-date on all the dealings of the dead with the help of The Afterlife.

The Simpsons

If I’d felt so inclined, I could have created an entire list of hilarious newspaper headlines simply by digging through old Simpsons episodes. With more than 20 years of airtime and a clear affinity for the humorous newspaper headline, there have been literally dozens of funny newspaper shots to grace the world of Springfield. For an exhaustive backlog of every news headline ever seen in the show, go to Simpson Crazy (all images sourced from here).

Keep dreaming, Homer

This is big news. So big, in fact, that it warranted a full front page spread.

Though the title doesn’t specify, it appears the President is proud of his open marriage.

Good thing this newspaper is willing to report on such controversial topics.

Mr. Burns and Satan…a match made in heaven hell.

Wow, and he’s only ten years old – talk about a prodigy.

This is hardly news – everyone knows Todd smells.

I don’t know what’s worse, losing the pants or the life.

Only the Springfield Shopper would take such liberties when describing the source of an article.

Baby Homer looks remarkably similar to adult Homer.

Great, now you tell me.

While this didn’t make the front page, I’d say it’s my favorite Simpsons headline of all time.

I, uh. Er, uh. Could you at least hold a book in front of it?


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