Previews for This Week’s Un-Regularly Scheduled Programming

Breaking Rad

Walt is on a high after “eliminating” the competition from last week’s skateboarding competition. But when Skyler finds the prize money, will he finally be forced to confess his secret life as a skateboarder? Elsewhere, the walls close in from both sides when Schrader uncovers Walt’s latest “Heisenberg” graffiti tag.

Vampire High

In this continuation of last week’s episode, Becca stands in a field looking scared and breathing heavily. Later, Edwin shows up and takes his shirt off.

The Cobra Winfrey Show

Watch the crowd go wild as Cobra passes out generous gifts to the studio audience. Some of Cobra’s “favorite things” to be given away include a “Soothing Sounds of Snake Charmers” CD, bacon-wrapped rodents and a well-placed venomous bite to the face.

Aunt Ant, the Ant That’s an Aunt

The always-kooky Aunt Ant is up to her old “ant”-ics again! In this episode of the popular sitcom, Aunt Ant says “to heck” with Spring cleaning and decides to take her human nieces and nephews on a picnic instead. But when the Aunt’s entire colony shows up unannounced, will there be enough watermelon to go around? Later, the show’s writers up the “ant”-e when The Big Giant Shoe stops by to “crush” the party!

Baby Sopranos

Baby Tony runs into complications while trying to cover up the family’s most recent cookie jar heist. Against his better judgment, Baby Christopher starts eating glue again. Baby Adriana meets with the babysitter to discuss a deal. Baby Vito comes out as a homosexual.


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