22 WTF Coloring Book Pages

Coloring books are nearly as old as childhood itself. Below are some extremely weird, awkward and inappropriate coloring book pages:

Mr. T knows what little boys want to hear


Caption reads: Mr. T is sorry for what he did. He would like to offer you a bushel of Maryland crabs.

Caption reads: Mr. T visits his oil Derrick in Texas, “I drink your milkshake, fool. I drink it up.”  (source)

This curious Ween coloring book was created by a rabbid fan (source)

Another image from the Ween coloring book

This Black Panther coloring book taught black children how to hate the white man from a young age. Caption reads: Black mothers and fathers were taken from each other and sold off to the White man. (source)

Caption reads: Beware the Pig, brothers and sisters

Caption reads: “Black Panthers protect black children.” More images from this Black Panther coloring book can be seen here

Poor zebra (source)


This 1970s coloring book was created to help teach kids anatomy (source)


This interesting coloring book extols the virtues of the modern lawyer. “Color my underpants important.”

More pages from this coloring book for lawyers can be viewed here


This inaccurate history lesson is an Internet classic

Judging by the above three images, the California Raisins had a pretty interesting college experience (source)


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