11 Totally Geeked-Out Wedding Proposals

When fan boys fall in love, it creates the perfect storm for an incredibly geeky marriage proposal. Keep reading to check out eleven of the nerdiest wedding proposals of all time.

11. Storm Trooper Proposes at DragonCon in Atlanta (via)

10. Wedding Proposal via Google Street View

9. Poke-Geek Chooses You! (via)

8. Wedding Proposal in Less Than 140 Characters

7. Minecraft In-Game Wedding Proposal (via)

6. World of Warcraft Cosplay Proposal (via)

5. Hacked Super Mario Game Proposal (via)

4. Penny Arcade Artist Proposes via Comic (via)

3. A Little Proposal Help From a Lightsaber

2. LEGO Geeks Engaged at LEGOLAND in Las Vegas (via)

1. Wedding proposal courtesy of LOLcats (via)


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