20 Real People Who Happen To Have The Same Names as TV Characters

If your name just happened to be Steve Holt (STEVE HOLT!), it’s pretty much a given that you’d get sick and tired of all the Arrested Development references. Well, for the following 20 people, unwillingly being a part of pop culture is almost assuredly a part of their daily lives. (side note: holy balls look how much the real Ron Swanson looks like the fictional Ron Swanson!)

Ron Swanson

Zach Morris

Walter White

Ross Geller

Rachel Green

Manny Delgado

Bobby Hill

Gloria Pritchett

Michelle Tanner

Don Draper

Marge Simpson

Frank Reynolds

Sam Malone

Jeff Winger

Steve Holt

Michael Scott

Kevin Malone

Pam Beasley

Annie Edison

Kenny Powers

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