Round Three: Your Daily Life in GIFs (26 GIFs)

These animated GIFs are like looking into the mirror of your daily life.

When you see someone do math without a calculator:

When you accidentally email something before you’re finished:

When you’re in line and someone cuts in front of you:

When you meet someone and find out they like the same band as you:

When someone talks during your favorite movie:

When someone wants to read something personal you’ve written:

When someone says, “Hey, remember when you had a crush on…”

When you know your pizza’s too hot, but you can’t wait so you bite it anyway:

How fast you run in normal life:

How fast you run when there’s food:

When it’s your birthday and you go to Facebook to watch the notes roll in:

When you walk into a room and a hot person leaves:

How you eat in public:

How you eat in front of your friends:

Getting out of bed on a weekday:

When you get a stain on your new shirt:

When you greet someone you don’t like:

When people leave food unsupervised in your presence:

When someone talks shit about your best friend:

When you want to go to bed, but your friend won’t leave to go home:

When you have to give the jar to someone else to open:

When they say the title of the movie in the movie:

When you get out of a movie and it’s still daytime:

When you find an onion ring in your fries:

When someone texts you saying they see you:

When a website says, “email or password is incorrect” and you’re all like, “WHICH ONE!?”

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most of these images via here, here and here.