Your Daily Life in GIFs (2.13.12)

It’s Monday and you know what that means! Yep, it’s time to start hating life and counting down the days until the weekend again. Good thing Your Daily Life in GIFs is here to make every Monday feel like a Saturday!

When you’re trying to sleep and people are being loud outside:

When you see someone wearing Crocs:

When you try on a new outfit:

When someone you want to date tells a bad joke:

When that newly added song comes on your iPod:

When it was the last week of school:

When the food you were saving in the fridge disappears and you’re trying to figure out who took it:

When you fall down on a trampoline and everyone else won’t stop jumping so you can get up:

When you hear someone getting yelled at in the other room:

When Americans hear a British accent:

When you eat something really delicious for the first time:

When you wake up during the best part of your dream:

When people think they’re funny, but they’re really just annoying:

When your leg falls asleep:

When you were little and colored outside the lines:

When someone sits in a spot you were saving for a friend:

When you’re in the car and look at the people next you, and they’re already looking at you:

When you’re actually sick, but people don’t believe you:

When you got off the bus on the last day of school:

When you can’t think of a good comeback, so you just say something like:

When you try to exercise for the first time in forever:

When you know something is dumb, but you decide to do it anyway:

When you make an awesome joke, but no one hears it:

these all come from herehere and here.

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