Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.23.12)

When you see a mosquito on your friend:

When you step out of the pool:

When your friends are all talking in a circle and you get left out:

When you’re asked to take a picture with younger family members:

When someone insults your favorite band:

When you’re out eating with people and the food finally comes to the table:

When you check into a hotel:

When you get in the shower and the water is too cold:

When you accidentally click a link and know you can’t stop the page from loading in time:

When you find the backside of the test:

When you and your friend find out you are assigned as lab partners:

When the teacher says, “study this over the weekend”:

When something is taking too long to load:

When someone says, “Hey, remember me?” and you have no idea who they are:

When you like someone that you can’t have:

When you’re leaving for the mall to get new clothes:

When you unexpectedly run into a friend somewhere random:

When your mom bought your 5-year-old brother a Nerf gun:

most of these come from hereherehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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