24 Weird and Funny Houses

Have you ever wanted to live in a house shaped like a shoe? What about one that seems to hover above the ground? Or one that looks like a giant strawberry? Below are a few of the most bizarre and silly houses ever constructed…

Mustache House:

Hello Kitty House

Louis Vuitton House:

Goofy Grin House:

Skeptical House:

Futuristic Car House:

Surprised House:

Pink Dome House

Dog House

“Bus Transforming into House” House (as described by Oppenheim)

Hover House:

Happy House:

Igloo House

Strawberry House

The Warped House:

Upside-Down House

Egyptian Pyramid House:

LOL House


Jenga-Style Apartments

Ray’s Doghouse

Life-Size Monopoly House:

Shoe House:

Inversion House:


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