Your Daily Life in GIFs (12.24.12)

There’s a healthy dose of Christmas-themed moments in this week’s roundup…

When you were little and your parents told you to thank your grandmother for the socks:

When a website tells you you’re already a registered member:

When you try to get all your holiday shopping done in time:

Trying to decide which Instagram filter to use:

When your ex wants to get back together:

When your friends keep shooting down ideas for what to do tonight, but have no suggestions themselves:

When you’re trying to read a graphic tee and the person walks away before you finish reading:

When you delete one “ha” from your “hahahahaha” because you think it’s too much:

When you go Christmas shopping and encounter the hordes of crowds:

When you unwrap that one big gift you had put on your Christmas list:

The part of the book where the title actually starts to make sense:

When you’re running late for work:

When you’ve been online for hours and your Internet connection fails:

When someone in your family suggests not exchanging gifts this year:

When you get a million Facebook updates on your birthday:

When you get an email saying the gift you ordered online won’t arrive until after Christmas:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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