Your Daily Life in GIFs (7.7.14)

When you see a friend trying to take a selfie:

Thinking about a snack you saved, but then remembering you already ate it:

Missing a handshake:

When you invite a friend and they say they’ll ‘try’ to make it:

Getting caught staring at a nice butt:

Thinking about the name of your first email address:

Seeing yourself in the mirror when you’re hungover:

Getting all dressed up and then finding out your plans are cancelled:

GIFs that have a lot of words in them, but move too fast:

When your computer insists it has urgent updates:

Your face when your friend says, “I can only bring one friend. Wanna go?”

When everyone else has their food and the restaurant skips your friend’s number when calling out orders:

When restaurants make you pay extra for sauces:

Checking the tracking on your package and it still hasn’t moved:

Making a spelling error online and the rest of the Internet replies like:

At a party when you see people playing Mario Kart:


Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with some on my own.

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