23 Pictures You’ll Carry Around In Your Head For The Next Few Days, Whether You Like It Or Not

The internet is vast. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, it throws you something you didn’t even know existed. That’s how I feel about these pictures. Now these images are part of me. They’re burned into my brain forever. So, just know that going in, but I’d also say it’s totally worth it. While these images will no doubt haunt you, they’re also just funny enough to ay that price.

1. Not his best angle.


2. Not sure if this needs a mechanic or an exorcist.


3. Hands-on? Better use two…


4. I knew I’d seen him somewhere before.


5. This explains why they were so badass.


6. Never even noticed this but it made me smile too.


7. Do you see the bear? I didn’t.


8. Same universe, different timeline.


9. “The USA is it’s own timezone.” – Michael Scott apparently




10. If you’ve seen this movie then this will not surprise you.


11. Barney is just Nelson as a grown man. What???


12. The trees in Pokemon look like buff dudes.


13. I mean, pretty much.


Twitter @primawesome


14. Or “WOW” depending on how you hold it.


Twitter @averymckinney


15. Aaaaaand this is what I’ll be calling insulation from now on.


Twitter: @thecatamites


16. Who’s really running ESPN?


ESPN / Via


17. Like he needs anything else weird going on with him.


18. They…they gonna kiss?


19. Formal meets comfort.


20. I’m hungry.




21. This is almost too perfect.




22. Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together?




23. Somehow very fitting.




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