22 Times The Greatest Generation Tried Their Hardest But Failed Spectacularly

Are you here to get some cheap laughs at the expense of “The Greatest Generation?” Well then you’re in luck! Are you a baby boomer? Congratulations! You were able to power on your computer, log onto the world wide web, and find this article. You should be very proud of yourself.


What baby boomers lack in technological knowledge, they make up for in confidence. Here are 22 times they used that confidence to navigate the internet, and took a big old swing and a miss.


1. Are you sure, Sheila?


u/Morthy / Via


2. It’s the thought that counts, right?


u/courthays / Via


3. OMW to Anytown, CA to get my identity theft on.


u/bgroins / Via


4. I mean, he’s already writing code.


u/SouvlakiPlaystation / Via


5. So close.


u/JackWhisky / Via


6. Sage advice. 


u/notthevaledictorian / Via


7. “forwArding this to amazing” is also my band name.


u/Mac_n_deez_nuts / Via


8. Honest mistake, and a great assist. 


u/ShunningResumed / Via


9. Yeah, Advil. What are you hiding?


u/Notatmost / Via


10. Well now I want to know too.


u/James121601 / Via


11. Sass was called for.


u/thenewyorkgod / Via


12. Channel 9 isn’t asking the right questions. 


u/CluelessShoe / Via


13. In her defense twitter doesn’t really make any sense. 


u/TMIBH / Via


14. Not since the incident… *looks forlornly into the distance*


u/BucherundKaffee / Via


15. Not having a printer is very 2018.


u/Slinger17 / Via


16. Eat sh*t, Green Giant.


u/istva / Via


17. I must know what the rest of his day was like. 


u/YoUsEfIsSqUeAkY / Via


18. 14 results???


u/katyrose_ / Via


19. Why didn’t anyone else think of that?


u/Swagnasty15 / Via


20. The more you know.


u/pleasuretohaveinclas / Via


21. Mama is up on the current breevs. 


u/aldahuda / Via


22. It is indeed a scary thought. Scary that you shared it.


u/crazydan1101 / Via


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