25 Weird Facts That You’ll Never Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head

All information is good information, right? Well, yes and no. I probably could’ve gone the rest of my life without knowing a few of these random and weird facts.

However, curiosity usually gets the best of me. I’m sure it will for you too. Even though some of these facts are pretty rough, they’re way more interesting than they are traumatizing. Have a look for yourself, and feel free to send this to your squeamish friend.


1. As recently as the 1980s, many researchers and doctors believed that babies couldn’t feel pain, so some were operated on without any anesthesia.


—Shannon Caseber, Facebook


2. All cruise ships have a functioning morgue on board.


instagram.com, Fox
—Koeyoshi Yokohama, Facebook


3. There are colors that humans can’t see, and you can’t even try to imagine what they look like.


Flickr / Creative Commons / Flickr: blieusong


4. Less than 5% of the oceans have been explored by humans, meaning we have nooooo idea what kinda monsters could be living there.


Emily Chack / visual.ly
—Angel Knoedl, Facebook


5. The average person walks by almost 16 murderers in their lifetime.


Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office / Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org
Here’s the math, assuming you lived in an average-sized city:10 new people per day x 365 days per year x 71 years of living = about 260,000 different people you might walk by. 260,000 people in a lifetime x 6 murderers per 100,000 people = 15.6 murderers.—Tina Babina, Facebook


6. There are things called eyelash mites that live on people’s faces, and you probably have them.


Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org, youtube.com
—Lea Roselli, Facebook


7. Male echidnas have four-headed penises.


Flickr / Creative Commons / Flickr: quollism / Nat Geo Wild / youtube.com
—Shannon Caseber, Facebook


8. Even if your lungs filled up with the same amount of liquid, it could take an extra 10 minutes for you to drown in saltwater than it would in freshwater.


Universal Pictures
—Esmerelda Szak, Facebook


9. Serial killer Joe Metheny owned a food stand and sold burgers that combined animal meat with the flesh of his victims to unsuspecting customers.


Public Domain / instagram.com


10. There are more ways to shuffle a standard deck of cards than there are atoms on Earth.




11. As a result, every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you’re probably the first person in history to shuffle them in that sequence.


Buena Vista Pictures


12. You’re 6.7% more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year.


Blumhouse Productions


13. Ted Bundy was a serial killer who also worked at a suicide hotline. A coworker once said, “Ted Bundy took lives, but also saved lives.”


Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department


14. The Japanese giant hornet has venom that’s so powerful, it can dissolve human tissue.


National Geographic / youtube.com


15. Violet Jessop, aka Miss Unsinkable, survived the sinking of the Titanic, a collision on the RMS Olympic, and the sinking of the Britannic.


Wikipedia / Creative Commons / en.wikipedia.org, Paramount Pictures



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