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25 Weird Facts That You’ll Never Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head

16. Male ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises, and some even have barbs at the end to scrub away leftover sperm in the female from rival males.


17. Arsenic was used to dye clothes green in the 19th century, but Victorian Britain didn’t know it was poisonous, so several people died.


BBC Films, Warner Bros.


18. In the Victorian Era, it was common to take pictures with the bodies of a deceased family member, as a final way to preserve their memory.


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19. In 1978 in the midst of his murder spree, serial killer Rodney Alcala won an episode of The Dating Game. The woman who picked him refused to go on the date because he seemed “creepy.”



20. The first person to die while building the Hoover Damwas John Gregory Tierney, and the last was Patrick William Tierney, his son, exactly 14 years later.


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21. Astronaut Michael Collins took a picture of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in the Lunar Module, with Earth in the background, meaning he took a picture of every human who ever lived, except for himself.


Wikipedia Commons / / Michael Collins / NASA


22. Babies are born with about 300 bones, but as they get older those bones fuse together to form 206 bones.


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—Diana Haven, Facebook


23. In the 16th and 17th centuries, many Europeans thought that eating human bones, blood, and fat would cure certain illnesses, so they stole mummies from Egyptian tombs and robbed graves to get the bodies.


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24. Turritopsis dohrnii, aka the immortal jellyfish, is a species that ages in reverse and then restarts its life cycle over…forever.


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25. And people jerk themselves awake while sleeping because their body thinks they’re dead – it’s their brain’sway of making sure they’re still alive, since their heart rate is so slow.



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