30+ Professors Who Trolled Their Students At A PhD Level

For most of us students, school was pretty boring. We did what we could to make it bearable by entertaining ourselves. What we didn’t know was teachers felt the same exact way. Imagine teaching the same exact class for 20 years. You’d have to start finding ways to have fun or you’d go insane, and what better way to have fun than at the expense of your students.

1. NO I DON’T.

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2. This is petty and I love it.

I fell for it. (troll teacher) from funny

3. That skeleton has the right idea.


4. Still better than air guitar.

5. This is about as savage as you can get without it being straight up assault.

On my English teachers door from funny

6. Now that’s commitment.

7. Prof. Spider-Man.


8. The classics never go out of style.

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9. Dude just burnt the whole class down.

The Professor is Not Mad… Just Disappointed from funny

10. Got to love those teachers who go the extra mile.

11. That’s unfortunate.

My professor thinks he’s a comedian (Rochester, New York) from funny

12. PhD in dad jokes.


13. One too many stolen calculators.

My chemistry teachers solution to people stealing her calculators. from mildlyinteresting

14. At least this teacher was honest.

I think my teacher resents teaching in public school… from funny

15. She’s who I want to be when I grow up.


16. F*ck Jerry and Robby.

Professor pranks students from funny

17. Yikes.

My professors desktop before our final exam from funny

18. Quite possibly the greatest Rick roll of all time.

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19. Passive aggressive af.

I think the teacher is sick of the our class from funny

20. I respect the hustle though.

21. When you ask the teacher for a pen, you get “the loaner.”

He asked the teacher for a pen from funny

22. Whatever works.

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23. I’m not so sure anymore.

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24. This is some Hunger Games sh*t right here.

Awesomely evil professor from funny

25. No mercy.

When your prof is feeling savage from funny

26. Nailed it.


27. Seems totally appropriate to me.

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28. Mind control.

Girlfriend’s professor started off his exam right. from funny

29. If you want to make an omelette you’ve got to break a few eggs.


30. A.B.T. Always Be Teaching.

Never say "Yo" to your professor from funny

31. Called out!

My son’s teacher is proud of me. from pics

32. Next stop: Harvard.

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33. Procrastination deterrent posted to class website.

Professor just started updating the course site and added this photo from funny

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