30 Petty Exes Who Will Make You Glad You Never Dated Them


He took a picture of everything I had ever bought him as gifts throughout our relationship and put “I bet you’re not over me yet.” He broke up with me, mind you. To date another girl lol



I was going to move to another city, pretty far may I add (about 5hrs distance) and I told him we had to break up because I didnt want a long distance relationship (it was the era of only talking on the phone… home phone, not being able to talk on the phone and use internet at the same time and msn was pretty new, and yes, I had one of those long ass nicknames) I was also a virgin… He said to ask my parents to let me stay with him (he is like 5-6 years older than me) and of course they didnt let me. After a while he went to visit me saying he couldnt be without me, I thought it was so romantic that we did IT.
After he went back home he had a picture on his msn with someone else, said she was his gf since I left my home city because ‘I broke his heart’ for not giving him my virginity as goodbye



After I broke up with my first high school boyfriend, he would purposely leave messages on my desk with misspelled words and incorrect grammar, knowing how irritated I would be as it was (and still is) one of my biggest pet peeves. Looking back, it’s definitely funny how he went out of his way just to annoy me and how worked up I would get over the whole thing.



After dating for about a year and a half, my ex and I split on mostly amiable terms. A couple months after the split, a mutual friend of ours died in a car accident. I found out first, so I called him to let him know. He was very short with me, and he refused to acknowledge me at our friend’s funeral. He told me later that he was happily dating someone new, that I needed to “respect them,” and that my phone call was “inappropriate.” Here I was just grieving over the loss of our friend, and he’s worried that I’m somehow trying to turn this tragedy into a way to win him back.



In college, a boyfriend of a year dumped me two days before my birthday. In my car. In the Walmart parking lot. Jokes on him because his friends still threw a huge birthday party for me that had already been planned in his own house. He sulked in his room and didn’t dare come out.



My boyfriends ex knew how much he loved those expensive Nike socks that are designed for each foot and are labeled with a L and R. When they broke up, she stole all his left socks. #pettyAF



After taking the cat, he had a full legal document brought up for me to sign detailing how I would pay him back for some credit card expenses. This was fine but he did it less than a week after we broke up so I was a complete mess. He also brought his dad along with him because he “couldn’t do it by himself”. He also said he would help pay off the expenses since some of the charges were his but he never did, so I paid it all off and earlier than scheduled. (P.S. I never got to see how the payments were determined or how the payment schedule was planned out because his dad did all of that.)
He then went on to ask out not one but two of my close friends. Really dodged a bullet by breaking up with this guy.



We had been together for almost two and a half years and started college together last fall. He convinced himself that I was cheating on him with one of the guys in my calculus or chemistry study groups and broke up with me over FaceTime. One of our mutual friends texted me words of encouragement and when I vented to her, she sent screenshots of what I said to my ex. He then texted me a few days before second semester would start to let me know he was dating an underage girl and signed up for the same Spanish class as I had just to spite me and sat next to me for the whole semester and he even told our professor that I was making him fail the class.



Picture it. 2014. 19 years old. (Partially) Living close to college with my then boyfriend. Until I came home from class early and caught him in bed with another girl. He then promptly dumped me and gave me two days to move my stuff out. I wasn’t worried about where to go, I could move back in with my former roommate and current best friend. But I would get revenge. On my last day to get my stuff, I snuck in while he was at work. I had two gallons of fine glitter from my friend’s craft stash. And within an hour, there was glitter everywhere. But then I heard the door lock turn and I took emergency measures. I had a horrible journey down he fire escape. I’m this rush, I forgot to grab my stuff. The next day, I wake up to a text. It’s from my ex. It’s a 13 minute long video of him setting fire to everything I left there, with gasoline and everything. Petty bastard.



I don’t know if this is exactly petty but my ex convinced me to go on vacation with him, got me to contribute $150 for “my share” of the hotel and then broke up with me a week later and took another girl he’d been cheating on me with. Again, don’t know if this is petty but definitely a dick move.