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22 Funny Wives Who Are Total Relationship Goals

Anyone who says women aren’t funny clearly has been living under a rock. A rock with no funny women under it. Because funny women are everywhere, just like men—they don’t have to be famous comedians to have a sense of humor.

These women, for example, all did or said something extremely funny in order to end up on this list. We stan these women. We admire these women. Maybe one day, we will be these women.

1. The wife who knows cats should be treated like royalty, even if they’re not yours.

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2. The secret shopper wife.

3. The woman who’s not afraid to ask for some TLC when she needs it.

4. The wife who is tells like it is.

5. The woman who takes her husband’s phone for all the right reasons.

6. The woman who needs a little drama in her life.

7. The wife who is happy to talk dirty to her husband.

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8. And not against a little sexting every now and then.


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9. The wife who never passes up a chance to make a “That’s what she said” joke.

10. The woman who saves the important questions for bedtime.