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22 Funny Wives Who Are Total Relationship Goals

11. And who maybe sometimes needs a little clarification and reassurance.

12. The wife who is honestly not here for your crap.

13. The wife who’ll spend 45 minutes on a really good prank.

14. The wife who knows part of a good relationship is embarrassing the hell out of your partner in public. (Little known secret!)

My sister’s April Fools’ prank on her husband. from funny

15. The woman who will hold onto that grudge like she’s clinging on to a rope dangling from a cliff.

16. The woman who is helpful when it comes to fashion.

My wife thinks I’m stupid too. from funny

17. The woman who knows the necessity of a good cry.

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18. The woman who doesn’t need an apron.

19. The woman who knows how to get a man’s attention.

How my cousin communicates with her boyfriend from funny



20. The woman who keeps that sour milk to make her husband smile.

My wife has been waiting for 2 days for me to open fridge. Lol from funny

21. The woman who sometimes needs a quick snack.

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22. And the wife who will make her spouse a delicious, nutritious dinner.

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