Veterinarian Figures Out The Mystery Calls She Keeps Getting From Her Hospital

Today, we all deserve this delightful story from a Hawaiian veterinarian named Claire Simeone, who unraveled the mystery of a series of silent phone calls that she and other hospital staff were getting. Normally, when you’re getting creepy calls from inside the hospital, I’d scream for you to get the heck out, but Dr. Simeone doesn’t back down from an investigation. No horror movie tropes will frighten her away.

That might partly be because the reason for the calls delighted her so very much. She took to Twitter to say it was one of the best things she’s experienced all year. It’s been a crappy year, but even so: this is pretty good.

Dr. Simeone is the hospital director, but she specializes in marine animals. She was out to lunch when the calls started. She kept answering, but no one was on the other line. Worried that a seal somewhere was suffering and the staff was looking for her, she hopped in her car and headed back to work.

When she got there, no one knew what she was talking about. No one had been trying to reach her. Then it turned out other people were getting weird calls. The doctor decided to reach out to the phone company, who confirmed that someone was making calls in the hospital. They asked her to try and figure out what the problem line was and check all the phones.

Dr. Simeone decided to a do a little tour of every hospital phone line. Just as she was getting another silent call, she walked into the laboratory. There was the culprit!

Yes, a tiny gecko was causing havoc at the animal hospital, which seems like the plot line in a cartoon movie about animals taking over the world. Busted. Also, newly hired! Dr. Simeone is putting that gecko to work.

Thank you, little gecko, for injecting some fun back into our days. If I’m going to get creepy calls, I definitely want them to be coming from a tiny lizard.