People Are Sharing Their Permanent Scars From Being ‘Poked With A Pencil’ Because We Were All Strange Children

Remember when you were younger and your friends would f**k with you and stab you with a pencil? Don’t act like I’m weird for asking that question because everyone had that one friend who would do weird sh*t like that. As it turns out, we were all strange AF when we were younger, because more people than you think have lead stuck in their bodies from years ago—when our friends stabbed us with pencils. How do we know?

Recently, a Twitter user asked people to share photos of them with lead from pencils stuck inside their bodies. How did they get there? Only one way.

Before he knew it, people were sending photos of all sorts of body parts to show that we may have grown up in different places, but truly, we’re all the same kind of idiot.

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So, there you have it folks—we’re all sociopaths.