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13 Of The Biggest Jerks To Ever Stay In A Hotel Or AirBNB

Unless you’re a rockstar in the ’80s, and even then, being a filthy, inconsiderate AirBNB or hotel guest is literally unforgivable. Even by Jesus.

Pleated-Jeans tracked down the following thirteen assholes (who are decidedly not rockstars in the ’80s, as these pictures were taken in 2019) just to put them on blast.

1. “Found a great tip. Staying in a hotel, that time of the month comes out of the blue. Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them. The hotel kettle!”


2. “They literally left the room like this.”


4. “Picked up the phone to clean it and found this.”

5. “Oh, just a guy looking at porn in the lobby of my hotel.”

6. “My friend found this today while cleaning a room.”

7. “So this is how my friend left the bed in our hotel room…”

8. “I thought I smelled shit, and I was right. Tucked behind the ice dispenser was a used diaper.”



11. “I work at a hotel, a guest left this when they checked out.”



13. “No tip. And this is how they left it.”

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