Viral Photos That Are 100% Confirmed Bullshit (17 Pics)

It’s hard to know what to believe these days. As the saying goes: “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” With photoshop, deep fakes, and voice mimicking AI; how do you 100% believe anything? Maybe all of you are bots and I’ve been writing these things for no one. Am I even real? Oh god.

1. How they got the MGM logo shot. Not.

Hai-Kef zoo

2. Villian kitty was actually just an old-timey baseball player kitty.


3. Surf’s up? No. The jig is up.


4. You can’t get higher than space.


5. I was really hoping this one was real.


6. It’s Venice, not VenICE. Get it? It has ice in it.


7. Rare black lion? More like black lyin’.

pavoldvorsky , Dennis Painting

8. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s a-bullshit.

AstronomyHD , Mo Aoun

9. Motivational bear.

Adonis Arias

10. The First Recorded Dab? No. The Dunkirk Dab. Great movie, a terrible fad.


11. If you’d never seen a giraffe before, which one would you think is fake?


12. Watch the documentary Grizzly Man for the real deal.

EunByuL , Juha Soininen

13. I wonder what that Ancient Aliens dude is up to?


14. Ride or die.


15. I mean, she’s still a useless person.


16. Baby shart do-do-dodododo.


17. Anyone play the newest God of War?


More funny photoshop:


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