Animals Facts You Can Use To Seem More Interesting At Parties (25 Facts)

Here how I used to make new friends at parties:

  1. Introduce yourself to a stranger.
  2. Later, take a picture of them when they aren’t looking.
  3. Create a Facebook account with that picture of them as the profile picture.
  4. Call it (your name)’s Best Friend
  5. Friend request them.

The animal facts work better. Trust me.

1. Sea Otters Hold Hands While They’re Sleeping So That They Don’t Drift Apart

Márcio Cabral de Moura

2. Tiger Populations Are On The Rise

David Salter

3. Dogs Sneeze When Play Fighting To Show They Are Playing And Don’t Wanna Hurt You

lillie kate

4. When A Baby Elephant Is Born, Other Mothers In The Social Group Will Trumpet To Celebrate Or Announce The Baby’s Arrival

Eric Kilby

5. Cows Have “Best Friends” And Are Happier When They’re With Them

Neil Williamson

6. There’s An Abandoned Minefield That Has Accidentally Created A Penguin Sanctuary. The Mines Keep Poachers Out, But The Penguins Are Too Small To Set Them Off

Ronald Woan

7. An Otter Will Find A Pebble As A Juvenile And Keep It For Their Whole Life

Mike Beltzner

8. Your Dog Probably Dreams About You

Bev Sykes

9. There Are Little Tiny Harvest Mice That Sleep Inside Flowers

Sue Cro

10. Pandas Are No Longer Considered An Endangered Species


11. Dogs Can Tell When You’re Due To Come Home By How Much Of Your Scent Is Remaining In The House

Derek Bruff

12. Bees Get Sleepy After Drinking Nectar And Occasionally Take Naps On Flowers


13. Dolphin Mothers Sing To Their Babies While They’re In The Womb

Tom Dennis Radetzki

14. Ravens Can Remember Faces And You Can Befriend Them


15. Squirrels Adopt Other Baby Squirrels If They’re Orphaned


16. When Dogs Appear In Movies And TV, Sometimes They Have To Have Cgi Tails Because They Wag Too Much During The Scene


17. Your Dog Actually Loves You, Not Just Because You Give Them Food And Walks

Aaron Gaines

18. Penguins Not Only Mate For Life, They Will Also Spend Time To Find A Beautiful Pebble For Their Mate And Then “Propose” With It

David Stanley

19. Goats And Cows Have Accents

Steve Bates

20. Some Tiny Spiders Wear Water Droplets As Hats

Kyle Ezdaman

21. Cows Take Turns In Babysitting Their Young. One Will Stay With The Calves While Other Moms Graze Further Away

Martin Brázdil

22. Octopuses Make Cute Little Gardens By Collecting Stones And Shiny Things And Arranging Them In The Sand

Andrew Wilkinson

23. Hundreds Of Trees Become Seedlings Every Year Because Of Squirrels Forgetting Where They Buried Their Food

Kevin Arscott

24. Red Pandas Use Their Fluffy Tails As Blankets To Keep Warm When They Sleep

Mark Dumont

25. Prairie Dogs Say Hello By Kissing

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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