People Are Sharing The First Movie Villain They Were Ever Scared Of (15 Tweets)

I shared one of my first terrifying famous movie villains below, but a close second would have to be the Fireys from Labyrinth.

Some of the replies to this thread made me remember just how great some actors are. The ones who could really make a villain believably frightening.

I think we hit most of the classics, but feel free to comment with yours if we missed it.


2. That scene was intense.

3. “No peace.”

4. Can’t imagine anyone else playing this role.

5. Had nightmares for months.

6. Damn, I was happy I forgot about these guys.

7. Tim Curry shows up a lot on this list.

8. The “eyes like these” part.

9. Little Monsters is still a very disturbing movie.

10. The scene that traumatized a generation.

11. Jim Henson made some great monsters.

12. Oh god, the faces.

13. Tim Curry was so much scarier than the dude in the remake.

14. I’d forgotten about this movie. This scene was crazy.

15. Not exactly famous movie villains, but sure.

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